Illamasqua - Amy Winehouse Foundation Collection

The Camden Collection

Introducing the second limited edition Illamasqua x Amy Winehouse collection. Including new individual products in exclusive shades and formulas. The collection is housed in limited-edition bespoke casing featuring a design of Amy’s tattoos, paying homage to the way she expressed herself through art and her iconic look.

Set in our British roots and self-expression, the new Illamasqua x Amy collection is about expressing your individuality, just as Amy did. Working closely with Amy’s family, Illamasqua’s brand values are matched with her legacy to redefine beauty and step outside the mould of the modern beauty industry.
Join us as we look closer at the icon behind the winged eyeliner and beehive hair to celebrate her legacy.

4.6% of the sale price of this product goes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Registered charity no: 1143740 (England and Wales).